Three Phase Air conditioner Controller
3 PHASE Air Conditioner(AC) CONTROLLER with HP/LP
This product is designed to control two Air Conditioners(AC) simultaneously. The industry standard AVR Micro-Controller is the heart of this system. Control over the ACs are performed according to some parameters like temperature, phase voltage, phase current, swapping time etc. User can set or view various parameters like current temperature, phase current, phase voltage, temperature set-point, high room temperature, swapping time, AC trip current, AC last trip reason etc. through a 16 x 2 character LCD panel and a status indication panel will help user quickly monitor the status of the ACs. An alarm system generates respective alarm for FMC if any error occurs in the operation. This system keeps the information of last AC trip reason and the overload current at which the AC was last tripped in a nonvolatile memory for up to 100 years or the next trip occurs. This devise is fully compatible with VOLTAS SENSICOOL ACs used in the shelter of a mobile tower.
High reliability, three phase two AC Controller with HP/LP and alarm system.
  • Fully compatible with VOLTAS SENSICOOL ACs used in the shelter of a mobile tower
  • Voltage Transient Protection
  • Under and over voltage protection
  • Over load and Short Circuit Protection
  • Status Indicator
  • Alarm output for FMC
  • HP/LP fault protection
  • Adjustable temperature set-point
  • Adjustable high room temperature
  • Adjustable trip current
  • Adjustable swapping time
  • Nonvolatile memory for last AC trip reason
  • Nonvolatile memory for last AC trip overload current
Air Conditioner AC Controller
For more information.You can download our 3 Phase AC Controller with HP/LP Data Sheet.